The Ultimate Turnover Calculator!

Personnel Dynamics Consulting, specializes in Change Management, Corporate Culture Enhancement, Turnover Prevention, Recruitment and Retention Strategies, Organizational Development, Communications, Leadership and Customer Service Training.

We understand that your organization’s success depends on your ability to create a working environment that moves your team to constantly improve and continually achieve new levels of excellence. There are many ways to create such a climate. Our job is to assist you in choosing the correct approach and guide you and your workforce to the results you desire.

Founder, Gerry Hoeffner is recognized throughout the U.S. and Canada for his high-energy presentations and his “straight talking” approach to managing change. His insight into today’s business environment has made him a popular addition to meetings and conferences everywhere.

Our Turnover Calculator is just one tool. We are very proud of its’ ability to not only calculate the costs of losing an employee, but also educate supervisors on how much time and energy is wasted when good employees leave.

We encourage you to call us to discuss all of your management and corporate culture issues. If you turnover is costing you too much or if you workforce is just not accomplishing what you had hoped for, call us. We will be glad to discuss the many options available to you.