The Ultimate Turnover Calculator!

Managers and companies understand that employee turnover can negatively affect an organization’s bottom line. However few managers have any idea how expensive those costs can be and the affect turnover may have on an organization.

While some turnover is healthy for an organization, too much turnover drains an organization of time, money, momentum and morale. The Ultimate Turnover Calculator is the best tool available to accurately determine how much it costs to lose an employee.

The Process is Simple

Just answer the questions for each position. As you answer the questions, the website will calculate the costs for you. All you have to do is answer the questions. The calculator will track your answers and determine the costs associated with your turnover.

The Ultimate Calculator also serves as an ideal learning tool. We encourage you to include your supervisors in this process. People do not argue with their own data. If your supervisors participate in answering the questions, they are more likely to believe the costs associated with losing their employees. This is a great educational opportunity for your entire management team.

Hard costs (direct costs)

These relate to the costs associated with the employee leaving, recruiting a replacement employee, hiring the new employee, and training the new employee to do the job. Hard costs are costs you must pay for. They appear on a profit and loss statement.

Soft costs (indirect costs)

These relate to the lost of productivity, quality, momentum and morale. Soft costs are real, but would not necessarily be found in a company’s profit and loss statement. In order to accurately determine your turnover costs, The Ultimate Turnover Calculator includes the calculation of both the hard and soft costs.


Your membership to The Ultimate Turnover Calculator allows you to calculate as many positions as you wish. You can save the data for each position, print the results, and alter the numbers as needed. It is our intention to provide you with a tool that is accurate, convenient, thorough, and beneficial in the training of supervisors to understand the costs associated with losing an employee.

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