The Ultimate Turnover Calculator!

Q: How long does it take to complete the calculator?
A: It certainly depends on how familiar you are with the position, but most entries can be completed within 30 minutes.

Q: With my membership, how many positions can I calculate?
A: You can calculate and save up to ten positions.

Q: Why would an organization’s supervisors want to use The Turnover Calculator?
A: The problem with the cost of turnover numbers is that they are always so high – no one in our organizations outside of HR ever believes they are “true.” By having supervisors complete The Ultimate Turnover Calculator, they will see what is included in those costs and how they add up. If they enter the data, they are more likely to believe the final numbers are accurate.

Q: If I don’t complete the calculations, can I save the data and return later?
A: Yes. If you page down to the bottom of the calculator, you can save the data and return later.

Q: Is there help available should I need some assistance?
A: Yes. Each question has a help tab that will better explain each question. The help tab also has suggested answers you may want to consider. While every company is different, the suggested answers are conservative suggestions that you may want to consider.

Q: What are “suggested” answers?
A: For each question there is a “help” tab. Under many of the “help” tabs, there are suggested answers. These are conservative answers you can use as a guide if you are not sure how long a process takes.